Research and Evaluation Projects

RISE research and evaluation projects are the result of partnerships with internal and external clients. Projects are funded by federal agencies (e.g., National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education) and state agencies (e.g., Iowa State Legislature, Iowa Department of Education), and individual schools, colleges, universities, and organizations.


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Character Counts Puerto Rico

The Josephson Institute (National CHARACTER COUNTS!) is contracting with RISE for the development of an evaluation of the process and outcomes of the Tus Valores Cuentan program implementation in all Puerto Rico public schools.

Community College Initiative (CCI) Program Evaluation

RISE provides comprehensive evaluation of the CCI Program, which annually hosts upward of 150 students from countries such as Brazil, Egypt, and Pakistan at community colleges across the U.S. The CCI Program Evaluation examines the nature of experiences of participating students, student mentor families, project coordinators, and community college professionals, as well as CCI Program alumni to determine whether and how program goals are being met.

Engaging Female Community College STEM Transfer Students

RISE partnered with ISU's Program for Women in Science (PWSE) to assess the experiences of female community college students who transferred into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in Fall Semester 2011. The goal of this project was to determine how and when PWSE should be connecting with these students and what existing barriers prevent them from connecting or engaging at ISU. The results inform PWSE programming and services that help women successfully complete STEM degree programs via the community college pathway

Evaluation of a Dual Language Program

RISE is working with an Iowa PK-12 school district to evaluate their dual language curriculum option. Students in the program receive half their instruction in English and half in Spanish with the goal of developing both native English speaking and native Spanish speaking students who are bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

Evaluation of AgrowKnowledge

AgrowKnowledge, the National Center for Agriscience and Technology Education, is an Advanced Technician Education project of the National Science Foundation for which RISE serves as external evaluator.

Evaluation of In-depth Mathematical Practices and Content Teacher Training (IMPACT2)

In order to determine whether project goals have been met, RISE developed an evaluation plan that analyzes data from a variety of sources including teacher and student pre-post knowledge, teacher ratings of and reflections on project activities, and online resources and discussions.

Expanding IWCCʼs Distance Education Capacity

RISE is evaluating Iowa Western Community Collegeʼs institutional web-based distance learning program. The program goals include (1) increasing capacity to develop and support online and hybrid courses across general education and high-demand nursing curricula, (2) develop and implement a web portal and flexible online student services that supports web-based programming, and (3) provide extensive faculty and staff professional development in targeted areas.

International Studies: Mandarin Chinese Evaluation

RISE serves as external evaluator for the Minnesota "District 196 International Studies: Mandarin Chinese" project to implement courses in Chinese language and culture in grades K-12.

Iowa Advanced-Manufacturing (I-AM): A Talent Success Strategy for the 21st Century Workforce
Des Moines Community College

RISE serves as the external evaluator on the Iowa Advanced Manufacturing (I-AM) project. The evaluation of the I-AM project assesses program benefits, strengths, and challenges in implementing the project at each participating community college. In addition, RISE will examine the extent to which participation in an I-AM Signature Program (e.g., welding, machining, industrial maintenance) has an affect on completion of awards/certificates/degree/diplomas and wages.

Iowa Commission on Volunteer Services

RISE is conducting an extensive evaluation to identify the impacts and outcomes of projects supported by the Volunteer Generation Fund. This will allow the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Services and its grantees to make continuous, data-driven improvements to volunteer services across the state of Iowa.

Meta!Blast: A Cell and Metabolic Adventure

RISE oversees the development and implementation of assessment activities for Meta!Blast, a 3D interactive module for cell and metabolic biology.

Pathways to Engineering Technology Careers (PETC)
Eastern Iowa Community College

RISE serves as the external evaluator on the PETC project. The evaluation of the PETC project assesses program benefits, strengths, and challenges in implementing the project at Eastern Iowa Community College. In addition, will examine the extent to which participation in the program impacts labor force outcomes for participants (e.g., wages, jobs) as well as the affect on completion of awards (i.e., certificates, degrees, diplomas).

STEM: Student Enrollment and Engagement through Connections (SEEC) Evaluation

RISE facilitates evaluation of the SEEC program through collecting, examining, and reporting existing institutional data on SEEC students' pre-college characteristics and college achievements. RISE also develops survey instruments and focus group and interview protocols that provide greater context for understanding the experiences of students, researchers, faculty, and administrators affiliated with SEEC.

Teachers Empowered to Advance Change in Mathematics (TEACH MATH)

RISE serves as external evaluator for the TEACH MATH project. RISE also supports the TEACH MATH project through data management and analyses of the TEACH MATH pre- and post-course methods dataset.

University of Northern Iowa. 2012 MSP Title II Grant. Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching. 3rd Year and Overall Program Evaluation.

Making sense of Mathematics and teaching II: Learning and Leading (MSMTII) is a three-year professional development program designed to increase elementary teachers' mathematical content knowledge for teaching, improve their instructional practices, and as a result, improve their students' achievement in mathematics.

Vision 2020

The Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) at Iowa State University serves as external evaluator for Fayette County Kentucky school district's "2020 Vision: Critical Languages for the 21st Century" project designed to incorporate instruction in Chinese and Japanese language and culture into the K-12 curriculum.