RISE research assistants selected for Emerging Leaders Academy

September 13, 2017

Graduate research assistants Garrett Gowen and Kevin Hemer were among those selected to participate in the 2017-2018 Graduate College Emerging Leaders Academy.  The Grad College Emerging Leaders Academy’s mission is to help cultivate a new generation of leaders who can build collaborations, work across disciplines, and forge stronger solutions from diverse perspectives.

Garrett Gowen is a doctoral student in the School of Education and serves as an associate editor for Iowa State’s student-run Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis.  Gowen came to Iowa State as a member of the Presidential Scholars Program.

Kevin Hemer is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education and received the 2017 Excellence Award as a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Education and the 2016 Excellence Award as a Ph.D. Student in the School of Education.

Both Gowen and Hemer have worked on educational research and assessment projects in RISE, including the Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory, the Global Perspective Inventory, the St. Philip's College Ethical Decision–Making Quality Enhancement Plan Assessment, and data analysis and reporting for faculty research projects.  Both serve as a reviewer for the Journal of College Student Development’s research in brief section.

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