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Roz Hirch

Graduate Research Assistant

E016 Lagomarcino




Ph.D. Expected English, Applied Linguistics & Technology, 2018
M.A. English Linguistics, Seoul National University, 2014
M.A. English Literature, University of Alberta, 2001
B.A. English Literature, University of Calgary, 2000

Research Interests

My research interests are in developing diagnostic language assessments that will help students trying to improve their English skills, as well as social justice issues related to large-scale standardized language tests. I also work with combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, particularly in validation arguments for assessment. Finally, I am a co-primary investigator in a research project that uses corpus linguistics to identify applied linguistics programs' areas of specialization.


I am originally from Canada, where I worked in theater before going to university to study English literature. I eventually moved to South Korea, where I worked for a few years as a university English instructor before becoming a writer/editor for a standardized language test. This latter experience piqued my interest in pursuing research in various aspects of language assessment, since test-takers frequently complained of the difficulties in improving their test scores, as well as the incredible impact test scores could have on their lives, from university acceptance to job success.

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