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Todd Abraham

Research Scientist

E006 Lagomarcino



Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Ph.D. Psychology, Iowa State University, 2007
M.A. General/Experimental Psychology, California State University, San Bernardino, 2001
B.A. Psychology, California State University, San Bernardino, 1999

Current Projects

ISU 4U Promise
Global Perspective Inventory
Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory

Research Interests

As a social psychologist by training, my research interests center broadly on the development and maintenance of well-being (psychological and physical) during adulthood. One particular interest involves the influences that contextual factors and life event experiences exert on developmental trajectories of wellness and dispositional constructs. A second related interest involves the interplay of context and experience as a contributor to the development of resilience and how resilience influences adaptive adjustment following subsequent event experiences.


Upon joining the Research Institute for Studies in Education in 2016, my role as a research scientist involves providing analytic direction and support for multiple ongoing research and evaluation projects in RISE. In addition, I provide methodological and statistical assistance to School of Education personnel with ongoing projects, new project development, and post-award quantitative analytic needs. Areas of quantitative expertise include psychometrics, research design, power analysis, longitudinal and structural modeling, and methods for dealing with missing data.

Recent Publications (past two years)

Lannin, D. G., Vogel, D. L., Brenner, R. E., Abraham, W. T., & Heath, P. J. (2016). Does self-stigma reduce the probability of seeking mental health information? Journal of Counseling Psychology, 63, 351-358. doi.org/10.1037/cou0000108

Cutrona, C. E., Abraham, W. T., Russell, D. W., Beach, S. R. H., Gibbons, F. X., Gerrard, M., Monick, M., & Philibert, R. (2015). Financial strain, inflammatory factors, and haemoglobin A1c levels in African American women. British Journal of Health Psychology, 20, 662-679. doi: 10.1111/bjhp.12120

Shen, F. C., Liao, K. Y., Abraham, W. T., & Weng, C. (2014). Parental pressure and support toward Asian Americans' self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and interests in stereotypical occupations: Living up to parental expectations and internalized stereotyping as mediators. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 61, 241-252. doi: 10.1037/a0036219

Behnken, M. P., Abraham, W. T., Cutrona, C. E., Russell, D. W., Simons, R. L., & Gibbons, F. X. (2014). Linking early ADHD to adolescent and early adult outcomes among African Americans. Journal of Criminal Justice, 42, 95-103. doi.org/10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2013.12.005

Representative Quantitative Methodology Publications

Abraham, W. T., & Russell, D. W. (2008). Statistical power analysis in psychological research. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2, 383-301. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-9004.2007.00052.x

Mallinckrodt, B., Abraham, W. T., Wei, M., & Russell, D. W. (2006). Advances in testing the statistical significance of mediation effects. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 53, 372-378. doi: 10.1037/0022-0167.53.3.372

Abraham, W. T., & Russell, D. W. (2004). Missing data: A review of current methods and applications in epidemiological research. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 17, 315-321.

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