Researchers link students' precollege engagement and the development of a global perspective

April 27, 2016

Students' Precollege Engagement and the Development of a Global Perspective: Read the Article

Mark Engberg and Lisa Davidson, of Loyola University Chicago, published an article in the Journal of the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. The article examined the relationship between precollege engagement and entering dispositions on a developmentally based set of global perspective outcomes. Based on a multi-institutional sample of 3,131 entering, first-year students, the results demonstrate significant relationships between students' precollege engagement and the knowledge, affect, and social responsibility dimensions of the Global Perspective Inventory. In particular, results linked precollege involvement in curricular and cocurricular opportunities focused on learning about difference, global issues, and leadership or service opportunities to three dimensions of the inventory, highlighting the influence of such involvement on development across cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal domains.

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