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Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) Program

The Research Institute for Studies in Education was hired by Youth and Shelter Services, Inc (YSS) to conduct an assessment of the AMP program. The Program & Activity Assessment Tool (PAAT) is used to measure how much and how well the program provides its members a learning experience that promotes positive youth development. The 41 items comprise 10 constructs categorized as either opportunities or supports as follows:

Exploration and reflectionNurturance and friendship
Expression and creativityEmotional safety
Contribution and serviceHigh expectations
Part-time employmentStandards and boundaries
Group membershipStrategic supports through transitions

After discussions with the YSS staff, the existing instrument was modified in three ways for this study: 1) It was formatted for online completion; 2) An item related to part-time employment that was not applicable to AMP was eliminated; 3) A new construct called Working for Change was created with three items related to development of advocacy skills and involvement. The final instrument consisted of 43 items within 11 constructs. Participants respond to each item using a 6 point Agree-Disagree Likert scale. AMP coordinators from 13 councils in Iowa recruit youth, facilitator or support persons, and volunteers to complete the survey. RISE reports detail the responses for each group of respondents on each construct.