Current & Recent Projects

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Senior Exit Surveys

    RISE is collaborating with the Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering to evaluate the undergraduate program by asking graduating seniors to respond to exit surveys.

  • Annie’s Project

    Annie’s Project is a national non-profit designed to educate and empower women in agriculture. The program offers 6-week courses focused on the business management of farms and ranches. RISE has partnered with Annie’s Project for more than 10 years, providing feedabck on knowledge and behavior changes of participants. Pre and post course surveys are desgined…

  • Biological Materials and Processes (BioMaP) Research Experiences for Undergraduates

    The BioMap REU is a summer research program in which undergraduate students become active members of interdisciplinary groups and work with faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and industry. Annual evaluation of the BioMaP REU program includes pre- and post-program surveys. The evaluation of the program has been informed by other studies of REU students…

  • CommHEAT

    Dr. Ulrike Passe and team were awarded an NSF grant to use empirical data and participatory processes to develop models that increase predictability of extreme heat-related indoor conditions. A community-focused microclimate-informed indoor heat emergency alert (CommHEAT) system will personalize community heat-related emergency management capacity. RISE will conduct formative and summative evaluations that determine the extent…

  • Computer Science for All

    The Computer Science for All (CSforAll) program introduces computer science programming to students through the use of software, such as Scratch/ScratchJr and the CoCo platform, to facilitate learning how to code and to cultivate student ability to think creatively. RISE has partnered with PI’s at University of Alabama and George Mason University to evaluate the…

  • CSAC (Computer Science As Career) Scholars Program – NSF S-STEM Track 3

    Texas A&M Commerce is supporting an NSF S-STEM grant for engineering transfer students. This grant offers a scholarship to students who qualify. RISE is working with faculty at Virginia Tech University to conduct a mixed-methods evaluation. This includes data collected for NSF tracking purposes, a STEM identity and efficacy measurement scale, and interviews with scholars…

  • DMACC Advanced Technological Education (ATE)

    The NSF awarded Dr. Julie Gonzalez and her team at DMAAC an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grant to increase the number of skilled technicians in the workforce to meet employer needs, including direct outreach to underrepresented students and activities connecting students with industry representatives, and to modernize and expand the scope of the DMACC Biotechnology…

  • Enhancing Conservation, Access, and Generational Transition of Iowa Farmland through Women Landowners

    RISE participates in the Women in Ag grants team to develop informational feedback on educational programming. Evaluation work includes survey development and administration and focus groups.

  • Iowa STEM Monitoring Project

    The Iowa STEM Monitoring Project (ISMP) is a multi-faceted and collaborative effort that works in support of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. The purpose of the ISMP is to systematically observe a series of defined metrics and sources to examine changes regarding STEM education and economic development in Iowa centered on the activities of…

  • ISU 4U Promise

    RISE serves the evaluator for the ISU 4U Promise program. The ISU 4U Promise partnership between King Elementary School, Moulton Elementary School, and Iowa State University promotes college-going in students from these schools. Students who complete fifth grade at King or Moulton will be eligible for tuition awards at Iowa State University.

  • MSRI Incubator

    Dr. Ben Van Dusen was awarded an NSF MSRI grant to gather information on how to ethically and sustainably collect quantitative data for online database. RISE is working with Dr. Van Dusen on facilitating 8 working groups over the 2 year grant period. This qualitative study includes facilitation support, transcript review and dissemination of the…

  • National Resource Center for Nutrition & Aging

    Dr. Sarah Francis and her research team at Iowa State University were awarded a grant by the National Resource Center for Nutrition & Aging to support the nationwide nutrition and aging network for research, assessment and evaluation. RISE works with Dr. Francis’ team to provide statistical support and data analysis.

  • Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC)

    RISE serves as the evaluator for the Smart Integrated Farm Network for Rural Agricultural Communities (SIRAC) project funded by NSF. The SIRAC project is a novel socio-technical platform that will create a smart and connected farm network. The SIRAC team is a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional Iowa State University, University of Kentucky, Missouri University of Science…

  • Supervised Agricultural Education (SAE) for All

    The Supervised Agricultural Education (SAE) for All program is a student-led, work-based experience supervised by an instructor. The program aims to develop resources and training for teachers to implement and enhance their SAE pedagogy. One objective of SAE for All is identifying gaps in teaching recordkeeping, financial literacy, and agricultural business basic skills. Additionally, SAE…

  • The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI)

    The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) is a web-based assessment of individual experiences and development of a global perspective. The GPI measures how students think, view themselves as people with cultural heritage, and relate to others from other cultures, backgrounds and values.

  • Undergraduate Research Programs

    RISE conducts the evaluations of a number of undergraduate research programs, including NSF-sponsored REU programs, on an annual basis with the goal of evaluating student learning, program satisfaction, and challenges encountered in the program.

  • Women in Ag Extension and Outreach

    Cori Hyde, at RISE, has partnered with the Women in Ag extension and outreach program at Iowa State since 2015. Several projects include RME, USDA, and NIFA grants focused on farm finances, business management, risk management, and education programing. Pre-post surveys are commonly used for courses, surveys after events such as conferences, and focus groups…

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