Aaron Vincent

  • Iowa Department of Education Guided Pathways

    A key role of the Iowa Guided Pathways multi-year evaluation is to provide feedback to the Iowa Department of Education and the 15 community colleges in Iowa as they implement a series of reforms to support student completion. Evaluators from the Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) collected data from of each participating community college to learn more about their perceived experiences, successes, and challenges related to implementing Guided Pathways on their campuses and their experiences in identifying and working towards goals related to equity and Work-Based Learning. Read More

  • Touch Terrain: Using 3-D printed terrain models to improve spatial thinking in the geosciences

    ISU faculty members Chris Harding, Aaron Wood, Jacqueline Reber, and Igor Beresnev received a Miller Grant from the ISU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to use 3D printed terrain models and develop and assess map-centric STA exercises for classes, labs, field trips and the ISU field camp in Wyoming. RISE will serve as the evaluator for the educational component of the grant. Read More

  • Iowa STEM Monitoring Project

    The Iowa STEM Monitoring Project (ISMP) is a multi-faceted and collaborative effort that works in support of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council. The purpose of the ISMP is to systematically observe a series of defined metrics and sources to examine changes regarding STEM education and economic development in Iowa centered on the activities of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council. Read More