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360° Feedback for K-12 Educators

RISE contracts with local, state, national, and international school districts to provide feedback on performance to teachers, administrators, and other school district personnel. The RISE 360° Feedback process is designed specifically for use in educational settings. Typical performance feedback in a school tends to reflect the observations and opinions of an often untrained single administrator with a limited view of the teacherʼs work. The 360° Feedback process provides feedback and specific information regarding a participantsʼ work from many different viewpoints through a multi-rater process.

360° Feedback Process

RISE works in conjunction with school district personnel to develop survey instruments, selecting from a bank of previously developed questions or by developing new questions that address specific job responsibilities. The survey instruments are designed to provide feedback about skills, knowledge, and behaviors to the participant.

Sample Questions Examples

Data are collected from groups of raters, using email addresses to reach them online or through paper versions delivered most often to students in the classroom. Rater groups include K-12 students, parents, peers, teachers, administrators, community members, and other key stakeholders. Comprehensive reports of data results are prepared, detailing the frequency of responses by item, comparison of responses by rater group, listing of results by highest and lowest rated items, and a listing of written comments provided by the raters.

Sample Report