• The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI)

    The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) is a web-based assessment of individual experiences and development of a global perspective. The GPI measures how students think, view themselves as people with cultural heritage, and relate to others from other cultures, backgrounds and values. Read More

  • 360° Feedback for K-12 Educators

    RISE contracts with local, state, national, and international school districts to provide feedback on performance to teachers, administrators, and other school district personnel. Read More

  • Biological Materials and Processes (BioMaP) Research Experiences for Undergraduates

    The BioMap REU is a summer research program in which undergraduate students become active members of interdisciplinary groups and work with faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and industry. Annual evaluation of the BioMaP REU program includes pre- and post-program surveys. The evaluation of the program has been informed by other studies of REU students and outcomes, as well as best practices for evaluation. Read More

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Senior Exit Surveys

    RISE is collaborating with the Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering to evaluate the undergraduate program by asking graduating seniors to respond to exit surveys. Read More