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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re still in the grant application process or you just found out you’ve been awarded funding, the best way to start a conversation with RISE is by completing our Evaluation Inquiry form.

RISE works with clients individually to determine their educational evaluation needs and budget. Depending on your grant, grantor, or organizational requirements, your educational evaluation budget will vary depending on the scope of work in which RISE is engaged.

It’s not too late, but like with most things, effective evaluation takes time to develop and implement. To start a conversation with the RISE evaluation team, please complete our Evaluation Inquiry form.

Whether you should hire RISE evaluators as consultants on a fee-for-service basis or as key personnel by paying salary and benefits is something you can discuss with your pre-award team or RISE staff for what best fits your evaluation needs. The fee-for-service route provides a defined deliverable and scope of work for a set cost which may be more appealing to some PI’s, while others may prefer contracting for an agreed upon percentage of RISE staff members’ time.

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