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University of Northern Iowa. 2012 MSP Title II Grant: Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching. 3rd Year and Overall Program Evaluation.

MSMT serves a cohort of teachers in Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Creston and Saydel School Districts. MSMT delivered 6 professional development courses that focus on mathematics content (number, operations, geometry, measurement, algebraic thinking and rational numbers) and instructional strategies aligned to the Characteristics of Effective Instruction and Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

The evaluation is designed to assess both formative and summative outcomes. Teacher gained knowledge will be assessed using a multi-method design with pretest, posttest one and posttest two. The Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) will assess teachers’ Level of Use (LoC) and Stage of Concern (SoC). Iowa Assessment data will be used to determine whether student achievement improved as a result of teachers’ gain in knowledge and implementation of instructional strategies. End of Course evaluations will be utilized to determine participants’ level of satisfaction with the objectives, course design and expectations.