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The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI)

The Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) assesses student learning and development and the importance of the campus environment in fostering global learning. The GPI measures how students think, view themselves as people with cultural heritage, and relate to others from other cultures, backgrounds and values. The emphasis placed on cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal dimensions provides a holistic approach to assessing learning and development. Nearly 200 colleges, universities, and educational organizations in the U.S. and abroad have used the GPI to assess intercultural competence, global learning, and study abroad experiences.

The GPI is beneficial for those involved with program assessment and institutional initiatives, specifically those focused on students’ global perspective and experiences:

  • At entry into college
  • At end of first, second, third year
  • At graduation from college
  • At the beginning and conclusion of an “education/study abroad” experience
  • At the beginning and conclusion of an active learning experience, e.g., internship, civic engagement project, service learning

We provide data collection, reporting, and national norms to help meet your assessment, benchmarking, and accreditation needs. Data collected from the GPI can help you understand how individual experiences influence learning and the development of a global perspective. GPI data provide a starting point for understanding how students think (cognitive), how they view themselves (intrapersonal), and how they relate to others from different cultures and backgrounds or who have different values (interpersonal). Results can be used to guide conversations related to student learning, program improvement, and institutional effectiveness. Related publications using GPI data can be found on the GPI website.


This research is funded by participating colleges and universities.