Past Projects

  • Meta!Blast: A Cell and Metabolic Adventure

    RISE oversees the development and implementation of assessment activities for Meta!Blast, a 3D interactive module for cell and metabolic biology. Read More

  • Juvenile Justice Reentry Project Evaluation

    The Juvenile Reentry System (JReS) effort is a multi-faceted initiative led by the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning (CJJP), the Iowa Department of Human Rights. It is funded by the U.S Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The aim is to reduce recidivism of youth returning from out-of-home residential placement by implementing a more robust reentry system in Iowa's juvenile justice system. Read More

  • ISU Department Enhancement Program

    The DEP formed as a result of ADVANCE, an NSF funded program designed to help to recruit and retain a diverse, highly qualified and cohesive faculty body. The ISU DEP conducts focus groups and interviews to elicit information about the cultures of specific departments on campus and compiles reports outlining common themes and findings in order to further department goals and facilitate long-term planning. Read More

  • ISU College of Engineering Climate Study

    Brandi Geisinger and Mari Kemis are working with the ISU College of Engineering to evaluate the climate of the college for a diverse body of undergraduate students. RISE compiled a survey instrument informed by the scientific literature (e.g., Rankin & Reason, 2008) and designed to meet the specific needs of the college. Focus groups are planned to take place with specific groups of underrepresented students. Read More

  • Iowa’s Symbi GK-12 Project

    The Symbi evaluation addresses critical questions at the intersection of graduate research in biorenewable chemicals, communication of science topics to non-technical audiences, and middle school STEM education in Iowa. Read More

  • Iowa’s Information Technology, Healthcare, Utilities, and Manufacturing (IHUM) – Hawkeye Community College

    RISE serves as the external evaluator on the IHUM project. The evaluation of the IHUM project assesses program benefits, strengths, and challenges in implementing the project at each participating community college. In addition, will examine the extent to which participation in the IHUM Program impacts labor force outcomes for participants (e.g., wages, jobs) as well as the affect participation has on completion of awards (e.g, certificate, degree, diploma). Read More

  • Iowa STEM Education Evaluation (I-SEE)

    RISE is responsible for conducting a process evaluation that examines resources, needs, facilitating conditions, and barriers to the development and growth of the Iowa statewide STEM initiative. Read More

  • Iowa Science Phenomena

    Iowa PBS and RISE partnered to develop a pilot study that introduced teachers to the Science Phenomena website and educational materials. Pilot testing included selection of school districts, teacher trainings, classroom observations, student feedback, and teacher surveys. Read More

  • Iowa Department of Education Guided Pathways

    A key role of the Iowa Guided Pathways multi-year evaluation is to provide feedback to the Iowa Department of Education and the 15 community colleges in Iowa as they implement a series of reforms to support student completion. Evaluators from the Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) collected data from of each participating community college to learn more about their perceived experiences, successes, and challenges related to implementing Guided Pathways on their campuses and their experiences in identifying and working towards goals related to equity and Work-Based Learning. Read More

  • Iowa Commission on Volunteer Services

    RISE is conducting an extensive evaluation to identify the impacts and outcomes of projects supported by the Volunteer Generation Fund. This will allow the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Services and its grantees to make continuous, data-driven improvements to volunteer services across the state of Iowa. Read More