Past Projects

  • Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) Program

    The Research Institute for Studies in Education was hired by Youth and Shelter Services, Inc. (YSS) to conduct an assessment of the AMP program. The Program & Activity Assessment Tool (PAAT) is used to measure how much and how well the program provides its members a learning experience that promotes positive youth development. Read More

  • Cases for Teaching Responsible Communication of Science

    RISE conducts the evaluation focusing in student pre and post responses of their understanding of ethical issue in science communication and instructor ratings of usefulness of the case study approach. Read More

  • Touch Terrain: Using 3-D printed terrain models to improve spatial thinking in the geosciences

    ISU faculty members Chris Harding, Aaron Wood, Jacqueline Reber, and Igor Beresnev received a Miller Grant from the ISU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to use 3D printed terrain models and develop and assess map-centric STA exercises for classes, labs, field trips and the ISU field camp in Wyoming. RISE will serve as the evaluator for the educational component of the grant. Read More

  • Developing Virtual Content for STEM Career and Technical Education

    Eastern Iowa Community College (EICC) has partnered with RISE to evaluate the development and implementation of virtual training resources for automotive blower, instrumentation, and lighting systems, as well as for home HVAC systems. This web-based virtual training utilizes WebGL for the training platform. Read More

  • 360° Feedback for K-12 Educators

    RISE contracts with local, state, national, and international school districts to provide feedback on performance to teachers, administrators, and other school district personnel. Read More